We are a small and agile group of developers in San Francisco and Minneapolis.

Over 90% of our designs have been iPhone accessories. This specialization allows us to know the details of Apple's Made For iPod (MFi) program front and back. Our experience allows us to help guide clients through the somewhat complicated process in a quick and efficient manner.

Who We Are

Michael Brown

James Coughlin

Ashish Derhgawen

Zachary Drew

Simone Giertz

Nathan Heldt

Karel Kalthoff

Ray Kampmeier

Colin Karpfinger

Matthew Lewis

Matt Rengo

Corin Rypkema

Zeke Shearer

Stephen Stack

Mike Waddick


San Francisco



New Developer Tools Available

I’d like to introduce an extremely useful tool from Punch Through Design called Light Blue. Light Blue helps you better understand how to develop a Bluetooth Smart iOS app. The Light Blue app enables you to quickly view the services, characteristics, and values associated with a connected Bluetooth Smart device. Application developers will find this tool very valuable for understanding how a Smart device interacts with an iOS device.

MN Startup Moves to SF, Keeps Roots in MN

It’s easy to see that Colin is building a strong culture at Punch Through Design, which will go a long way toward ensuring the continued success of the firm. As I said, Minnesota produces some amazing entrepreneurs — and, even if we do have to share a guy like Colin with Wisconsin, and now California, I know he’ll be a continuing source of pride to our state.

Kickstarter Future: Hardware is the New Software

Karpfinger is one of a growing number of hardware startups leveraging crowdfunding, better tools and proliferating expertise to get to market faster and more cheaply than their predecessors. Between Kickstarter, amenable contract manufacturers, and fast-growing platforms like Apple’s iOS, hardware ventures are finally, really starting to sprout like software ventures.

Powered Pick Turns iPhone Into Air Guitar

It’s Kickstarter time again, only instead of bringing you the strange fruits of amazing amateur inventors, this gadget comes from a pair of seasoned toy designers. Air Guitar Move... [turns] a smartphone into a musical instrument. A “free play” app lets you finger chords on the touch-screen, whilst you strum them with the pick. The second app is a Rock Band-like game, and the pick and screen become the controllers.

Insert Coin: Air Guitar Move for iPhone

We're not sure proper air guitarists would ever consider adding a bonafide pick to their cherished imaginary pastime, but what if a petite plastic plectrum could turn those strokes into stringed acoustics that more than just you can hear? That's the idea behind Air Guitar Move, a $50 motion-sensing guitar pick that pairs with a dedicated iPhone app using a single dock-connected string.

New Phone Apps Aim to Boost Health

Minneapolis-based PedalBrain plans to sell a $195 product that collects wireless data from existing accessories on a cyclist's bike that measure heart rate, speed, cadence, power and other statistics. Meanwhile, the Vista Institute, based in Minneapolis, will launch a product next month called Shepherd, which will help clients such as restaurants and farms log food safety data... through smart phone devices.